Etymon and Polaroid


What are you afraid of?

You’ll laugh at me when I tell you.

No, no. I won’t. Tell me.



I am afraid of beards.


It reminds me of someone.


A friend. Supposedly a friend.

What did he do?



He scared me.


He- he told me he wanted to see inside of me.

What do you want to tell him?

I wanted to tell him that I do not deserve this. I do not deserve to be reminded of him every time I glanced at bearded men. I do not deserve feeling like a caged animal every time a group of men came passing by. And I certainly do not deserve to be disgusted of myself because of his direct insult to my innocence.

I am a woman.

Created not for his pleasure but for the sake of humanity. I am not a woman of society easily derailed by foolish ways of men with their boorish norms, nor am I a woman easily conquered by ways of self-made goddesses with their conspicuous laughter.

My heart is a kingdom, my mind the universe.

I do not deserve this.

Words by Maria

Illustration retrieved from Pinterest


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