The Secrets of the Little Bonnie Lass

The Secrets of the Little Bonnie Lass: Optimism

Dear Reader,

People always ask me time and time again how I always keep a light, positive attitude even under pressure. They believe me a great optimist- all smiles, rainbows, unicorns, and laughter- that they thought I never get angry or sad or irritated over people. Some even get to the point of trying my patience and angering me on purpose to see how a great optimist like me loses control.

I will tell you my secret in a minute, but first, I have to tell you something really important.

There is a great difference between being an optimist and being numb.

I get angry. I get sad. I fall in love. I am not numb.

Sometimes, people thought being an optimist carries nothing but gladness and joy, but everyone has to understand that before I got to this point in my life, I happened to be a depressed little lass without a pinch of self-esteem and confidence in her skinny bones. And still, at this point, bigger challenges come my way in the form of disrespectful men, competitive women, and the lack of freedom to wring their necks with my bare hands. (Okay, just kidding!) Worse, being an optimist, they thought, was analogous to being numb in one way or another. People thought an optimist is not hurt, is always fearless, and is always happy without thinking that optimism- at least in my case- is a choice.

And this particular choice, we have to understand, is a gift from God.

Yes. This is my secret. I prefer to look at life the way God looks at it. He did not breathe life into us to make us feel guilty over our sins or to punish us for the sins we have committed. He does not kiss us every night only to find out that we have been constantly looking under our beds, or worse, over the bathroom mirror to look for monsters. He does not whisper His love to us every second of our lives only to curse in the wind and whisper gossips to people.

He gave us life to enjoy it. He kisses us every night to let us know He will stay awake to protect us. And He whispers His love as a sweet lullaby to give us rest.

This is my secret to optimism. Be brave enough to trust God to lighten your day and to trust His will and purpose for you.

With love, 

The Little Bonnie Lass

P.S. Do not be so hard on yourself, love.


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