Etymon and Polaroid

The Baby and the Needle

I was in the hospital when a nurse took my arm and told me to breathe deeply as she placed a needle on the inside of my elbow and took a sample of my blood.

I felt nothing.

I found myself staring nowhere, staring at nothing, pondering everything.

As I was waiting for the result of the test, a mother entered the hospital carrying her daughter. The mother sat at the same spot I took earlier and placed the little girl on her lap. And when the needle entered the little girl’s gentle flesh, the child whimpered and wailed, flailing her tiny arms and legs wildly, setting everyone in distress.

But what I noticed was the play of emotions on the mother’s face. A mixture of both hope and love as she closed her eyes as if in prayer.

And just then, I know that my thoughts and hers were one and the same.

“If I could only take your pain as my own, I will. I will.”

Words by Maria

Illustration entitled “Mother and Child Bond” by Steve Hanks (1949, American). Retrieved from Pinterest


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