Asymmetry: A Five-Star Review of Grayson’s Vow by Mia Sheridan


Who said there was balance between the Dragon and the Witch? Everything was out of balance. Everything was out of place. From the time they met, there was no equilibrium. The world shifted on its axis and they claimed it for what it was- what it is: Love.

Grayson Hawthorn is a man of dark past. His mother gave him away; his father resented him; his stepmother was oblivious to his suffering, rage seeping through her veins. No one loved him. Or he thought no one did. Until he met the fiery Kira Dallaire, a sharp-tongued woman without a dollar to her name, well, except that of what her grandmother left her, which all started this love affair. These two people are both desperate to save themselves, all they have left, and the people who depend upon them for a living. And so when the only option left was to depend upon each other, one benefitting the other, they both shared in an experience neither of them could ever forget.

I loved how, like the Archer’s Voice, every word fell into place as if the full-length novel was written in one sitting. Every detail supported the other until it made a fantastic work of art. The author breathed life into the characters, enabling its readers to capture every emotion, every heart and soul of the story.

The characters were also woven beautifully. I cried with them, laughed with them, and even got angry and crazy with them. Even Walter and Charlotte has their own story to tell and a love they had for a sad boy who was stuck in a maze of life and hardship.

In all honesty, I found the story depressing in one point, which is somehow good in one way or the other, because only then will we know that a story written by someone far away from us, can touch us as if she was right beside us.

Unlike the Archer’s Voice, I also felt that the story was more fast paced. Seen on Archer Hale’s story, a standalone of the same author, was an evident build up which made the story all the more true in its content and logic. While Grayson’s Vow has the vibe of being straight to the point, it still gave out a certain truthness as if it may really happen in real life. Eitherway, if I am to choose, I would have to say that I loved how Archer’s story was written- a slower paced story with an evident buildup.

All in all, Grayson’s Vow did not lack in its beauty. And it’s asymmetry just proved how love works truthfully in everyone’s lives. This is Grayson’s Vow.


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