An Excerpt

An Excerpt from The Little Bonnie Lass by Maria Marie Maksimov, A Novel: Starlight

They stayed on top of the glen a little while longer, staring at the stars that made up most of the dark skies. He never stared at those little flecks of gold dusts before. For him, they were nothing but exactly that: dusts. And it was a waste of time wondering why they were stranded there, just staring down at them, during the dead of the night.

But, he figured, they were much more than dusts splattered up on a blanket of satiny sky now that he was with the little bonny lass. The stars became much more than creatures that blinked down upon them to mock them. Aye, he thought, those creatures mocked them, for the people could not reach them. It was not physically possible for a lowly creature to reach such a beauty, and yet such a beauty kept on appearing every night, humbling themselves to try and reach down further until they kissed the ground.

In between the songs the owls make when they awoke and the whisper of the wind, he prayed, thanking God for the stars each night, for another chance to see them twinkling, blinking down at him, not to mock him this time, but to remind him how blessed he was just to be alive. Just to be breathing. Just to have the little lass beside him.

Aye. He missed her, alright.

Even when she annoyed him with her questions.



“Why do people kiss?”

He snorted and choked in his own breath. Why do children have to ask the oddest questions?

“Well,” he cleared his throat, “because they like it? Why do you ask?”

She twisted clumsily to peer at his face, “I saw Big Ben kiss Oona yesterday. Oh! I hate him too! He’s taking my only friend away! And then I saw Mama kissing Papa in the hallway a while ago. And then Anne. You know what I think?”

“What?” He asked.

“That they don’t really like kissing, but they should because that’s what Old McNally said, and they do it even if they don’t like it because they love each other.”

An Excerpt from The Little Bonnie Lass by Maria Marie Maksimov. A Scottish Highland Novel in the making.

Illustration entitled Let’s Go See The Stars print from original by JessicaIllustration. Retrieved from Pinterest


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