Acceptable: A Five-Star Review of Sweet Accord by Felicia Mason

“I’ve done a lot of thinking the last couple of weeks.”

“And did you come to any conclusion?”

She nodded as she ran a finger along the back of a metal folding chair. She looked up at him…

“I still love you.”

I cannot stop my tears from falling. Praise the Lord for this Love Inspired, Heartwarming Inspirational Romance– a story about the King who conquered the world with love, a story about two people who was drowned with it, and a story of faith, of prayer, of hope, and of God’s will.

Indeed, romance stories have never been this beautiful. Indeed, when God is placed in every life story, everything becomes all the more beautiful! Most importantly, everything comes into place like the puzzle pieces that make up a most wondrous image.

This story revolves about two servants of Christ who found each other through circumstances. And ultimately through the music of God’s love in their hearts. Matt and Haley may not have started off with hearts and rainbows and flowers, but that made the story all the sweeter. I would not say any more at this point, because that would mean explaining something that goes beyond a mere attraction between two people.

This is true love in each of its pages. It is 1st Corinthians Chapter 13 personified! This is the love of God, reflected on two imperfect people.

And what ultimately drew me to this story was how the author weaved the story, and how I understood that though it was full of flaws, still, none of it mattered. None of it. Because everything fell into place and everything was fully understood, when Felicia Mason wrote:

If I’ve made any errors, blame it on my head and not my heart.

Oh Lord, You have been faithful to me all along. I’ve seen Your beauty through this story. I know nothing can be compared to You. You are the Most High, but still, I thank You for this. I thank You with all my heart, Lord God.

In the sweetest name of Jesus, our Lord…


The Secrets of the Little Bonnie Lass

The Secrets of the Little Bonnie Lass: Sheep

Dear Readers,

Oh what a blessed day!

Every Monday until Thursday of every week, Powerhouse sits together to share the Word of the Lord with each other. Powerhouse is a family of believers who aims to be the salt and light of the world. Every twelve noon, passages in the Bible will be shared and voices of hearts will be heard.

This particular day, however, is one of the special days we have had.

Only four members attended.

Yes, only four. But this did not stop us on meditating on God’s beautiful Word. One brother in Christ shared his devotion last night. You see, he is fond of animals (really fond of them) and so he searched of the characteristics of a sheep.

Yes, love. A sheep.

Well, once we heard the word, “sheep,” we all ooehd and aahed being that a sheep is sooo cute and fluffy. But the thing is, they are not cute. They are very stubborn! When they get lost, they do not find their way to the herd. When you intend to kill them, they do not scream or do anything. Moreover, their wools start to thicken when they get lost because apparently, no one takes care of them. They are basically… nothing. And as much as we would like to deny it, we ARE like them. We are stubborn to a fault; we choose to slip away from God, thinking that it would give us freedom. But it won’t. In the long run, we will not have a sense of direction, we will lose our way, and as a result, our wools will grow soooo thick that we almost cannot see.

But there is one great news! Because like a shepherd who lost one sheep, God will continue to find us and lead us to Him and will always continue to be faithful. See how blessed we are that He will trim all our wools that keep us distant from Him? It is true, indeed. That if grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking. So let us continue to go back to our Father. He is constant always and forever!


With love,

The Little Bonnie Lass

The Secrets of the Little Bonnie Lass

The Secrets of the Little Bonnie Lass: Optimism

Dear Reader,

People always ask me time and time again how I always keep a light, positive attitude even under pressure. They believe me a great optimist- all smiles, rainbows, unicorns, and laughter- that they thought I never get angry or sad or irritated over people. Some even get to the point of trying my patience and angering me on purpose to see how a great optimist like me loses control.

I will tell you my secret in a minute, but first, I have to tell you something really important.

There is a great difference between being an optimist and being numb.

I get angry. I get sad. I fall in love. I am not numb.

Sometimes, people thought being an optimist carries nothing but gladness and joy, but everyone has to understand that before I got to this point in my life, I happened to be a depressed little lass without a pinch of self-esteem and confidence in her skinny bones. And still, at this point, bigger challenges come my way in the form of disrespectful men, competitive women, and the lack of freedom to wring their necks with my bare hands. (Okay, just kidding!) Worse, being an optimist, they thought, was analogous to being numb in one way or another. People thought an optimist is not hurt, is always fearless, and is always happy without thinking that optimism- at least in my case- is a choice.

And this particular choice, we have to understand, is a gift from God.

Yes. This is my secret. I prefer to look at life the way God looks at it. He did not breathe life into us to make us feel guilty over our sins or to punish us for the sins we have committed. He does not kiss us every night only to find out that we have been constantly looking under our beds, or worse, over the bathroom mirror to look for monsters. He does not whisper His love to us every second of our lives only to curse in the wind and whisper gossips to people.

He gave us life to enjoy it. He kisses us every night to let us know He will stay awake to protect us. And He whispers His love as a sweet lullaby to give us rest.

This is my secret to optimism. Be brave enough to trust God to lighten your day and to trust His will and purpose for you.

With love, 

The Little Bonnie Lass

P.S. Do not be so hard on yourself, love.