Second Chances: A Five-Star Review of The Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux

Have you ever wanted to rewrite your past?

Many times in our lives, we have made mistakes. Regrets follow us everywhere we go, and at one point or another we may have said to ourselves,  “If only I could turn back time…”

In this novel, three beautiful women will be granted an opportunity for a second chance no one wanted to miss.

Three women who have reached the age of forty, decided to meet each other for the second time in their lives- the first acquaintance being stuck in line in the Department of Motor Vehicles. Each women have their lives so crooked, they all wanted a reprieve. Staying in a summerhouse in Maine together was their chosen solution.

Ellie, once an art student, a pretty and petite lady, became a writer who was now unable to write for three years, who became as fat as a cow, and a wife whom her ex-husband has stolen everything from. Now, Ellie was so anxious of seeing the two ladies for when last she saw them, they were so beautiful, no words can describe them. And yet seeing them in the summerhouse gave her deep comfort. For when she saw them, they were even worse than she was.

Leslie, once a sexy, vibrant, ballerina, did not pursue her dreams and went back instead to Alan, her then boyfriend, now her husband. She was now a mother of two, one being a spoiled brat, the other much more like her- gentle and laid back. Obviously, she was not the beautiful woman they once saw at the Department of Motor Vehicles. (Oh but her story, the choices she made, and the things that happened thereafter will surely made you cry tears of joy!)

Madison, ah Madison. I think she had gotten the worst of all. Once a model, the most beautiful of three, she became a cigarette smoker, skin and bones, her eyes that of a zombie’s, and her lips as pale as chalk. And what made my heart ache was that due to an accident, she would not be able to bear a child.

Now, what made my heart reach out so blamelessly to both the writer and the characters was that the story is as true as it can get. Many times,we thought that beauty is long-lasting. We thought that cheerleader in your college (who was a bitch) would be even more popular when she gets old and yet, voila! Where is she now? We thought that nerdy-nerd in our class will not get anywhere and yet, why is she the most famous scientist of her day and age? We thought the beauty will last. Only love does!

No one knows what will happen, five to ten years from now. No one.

And the chance these three girls have for a lifetime, will not be surely missed.

Jude Deveraux, oh Jude is just plain amazing. Believe it or not, I have read almost all of her books and each one made me believe in second chances, good people, faith, and love. And this story, was- and will be always- a breath of fresh air from romances who have rakes for heroes, and fire-breathing dragons for heroines. Her characters are real! As real as they can get! And the story she weaves are the words of a genius!

A good read. A really great read indeed!